The book covers the life and times of Terry Dobson...

As the drummer of chart topping band Black Lace, Terry toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe and the former Iron Curtain countries during 1969-1980.UK TV appearances include,Top of the Pops Juke box Jury, Noel Edmonds Swap Shop,the BBC's Nationwide news program and the making of the bands first pop video as prequel to the 1979 Eurovision song contest...

Terry has appeared in numerous TV pop shows throughout Europe.Spain, Bulgaria, France, Denmark, Poland, East & West Germany and the Shetland Isles.Terry talks about his early school days, life on a large council estate, playing drums in working mens clubs and summer seasons in Skegness and Filey 1976 & 1977...also performances with the stars of the day during his semi professional and professional career...and the effect playing in a band had on his family.

Love, lust and the meeting and divorce of 3 wives... his lovely children, Helen, Kerry, Warren, and Ashley...the sad death of his partner, the raising of his youngest son Liam, now aged 7...but just a few days away from his 4th birthday when his mummy, Tricia, tragically died as a result of an asthma attack on one of the hottest days in July 2006 aged just 47.

The good and bad times, the happy and the sad...The success of Black Lace the band and phenominal success of the Black Lace duo.Terry's time playing the drums in other semi and professional bands, the sad deaths of Alan Barton (Black Lace & Smokie).Mick Brassington (Method & Stormer) Richard Chappell (former Wakefield theatre club lighting man), and roadie for all the bands Terry has worked with.

Also with very little information to hand Terry records the events leading up to a very long and frustrating search for his biological father.